Em Bryant has always been fascinated with animals and credits them with her original and continuing desire to know them better through art.  She is drawn to the animal kingdom for many of her subjects and feels great admiration for four-leggeds.  Em has painted various portraits of dogs, cats and horses, including Elizabeth Taylor’s dog, Sugar.

Em is an American citizen (for now) but was raised partly in Paris by her mother, who spent long days revealing to her the treasures of the Louvre, the Orangerie, the Musée Rodin.  She studied painting at the Grande Chaumière in Paris with Yves Brayer in the seventies, but returned stateside at twenty-one to an acting career (under the name Melinda Mullins).

At age forty, Em retired with her husband, Joshua Bryant, to the wilds of New Mexico to write, paint and train mustangs, but they found themselves at odds with what they think of as American imperialism and moved happily to the Limousin with their horses dogs and cats several years ago.